• 3. Amati Lelungan - do not go out (from lunga)
  • 2. Grehasomethinga - place to live with wife and family 3.
  • 4. Amati Lelanguan - do not release or let your passions flow.
  • Wanaprasomethinga - place to live after you slow down and are free of family responsibilities
  • 4. Biksuka - place where you are free of all ties to world and can meditate
  • prohibitions four kinds of fasting or prohibitions that one must observe on Nyepi - 1. Amati Geni - do not make or use fire
  • stages of life
  • 2. Amati Karya - do not work
  • four places to live during life: 1. Brahma Cari - place to live while people are studying knowledge or law
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Tan bina-bina legan manah sang kacatur saling sopin ngajak gegelanne
[example 1]
Unexpectedly glad his fourth heart (the person) feed each other with his lover

No translation exists for this example.

  1. (Novel) Tresnane Lebur Ajur Satonden Kembang karya Djeantik Santha tahun 1981 hal 49