In your opinion, what impacts will the massive construction of large malls have on the local Balinese community? Post your comments here or propose a question.

Sang Kala Sungsang Murti

Sang Kala Sungsang Murti
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Agus Putra
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Sita Kusuma Dewi_MAHASABA
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What values do you want the government to learn from your choice of Ogoh-ogoh?

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Care ye i kala sungsang, JEG MEBALIK mekejang mebalik

Demen atine ngelah pemimpin ane dueg, ane wanen, ane liu ngelah titel sarjana. Nanging adi sing je ngeluungan gumi ne jani, jeg mebalik jele, mebalik wug. Dueg ne anggon melog melog krama jak mekejang, titel sarjana e anggon korupsi.

Janji ane sambatang dugas pemilu tuah munyi dogen. Sing kimud? Benahin malu mekejang te pang sing mebalik Pang sing makecuh marep menek.

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