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Ni Kadek Anggreni

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Ni Kadek Anggreni
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In English

Ni Kadek Anggreni, S.Pd. is the author of the book Trilingual Illustrated Dictionary (Bali-Indonesia-English) which she compiled based on her thesis research. Since childhood, she has been pursuing poetry and dreams of becoming a teacher who is loved by his students. Anggreni was born and raised in the highlands of Bangli and is eager to change the life of herself and his family for the better with proper education. She finished her undergraduate study at STKIP Suar Bangli (now ITP Markandeya Bali) in 2021.

In Balinese

Ni Kadek Anggreni, S.Pd. inggih punika pangripta buku Trilingual Illustrated Dictionary Bali-Indonesia-English sane kakaryanang dane madasar antuk penelitian skripsin dane. Saking alit dane seneng ngripta puisi tur madue pangapti dados guru sane kasenengin olih murid-murid dane. Anggreni embas tur tumbuh ring dataran tinggi Bangli tur meled pisan ngobah urip dane miwah kulawargan dane antuk pendidikan sane becik. Dane namatang sekolah S1 ring STKIP Suar Bangli mangkin dados ITP Markandeya Bali duk warsa 2021.

In Indonesian

Ni Kadek Anggreni, S.Pd. adalah penulis buku Trilingual Illustrated Dictionary (Bali-Indonesia-English) yang disusunnya berdasarkan penelitian skripsinya. Dia sejak kecil menekuni puisi dan bercita-cita ingin menjadi guru yang dicintai siswanya. Anggreni lahir dan besar di dataran tinggi Bangli dan sangat ingin mengubah kehidupan diri dan keluarganya menjadi lebih baik dengan pendidikan yang layak. Dia menamatkan pendidikan S1 di STKIP Suar Bangli (kini ITP Markandeya Bali) pada tahun 2021.

Examples of work

Trilingual Illustrated Dictionary (Bali-Indonesia-English)
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A culturally-based trilingual dictionary in Balinese, Indonesian and English.