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Friends with Disabilities Have Rights for Quality Programs

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    Election 2024: What programs should the candidates for government office plan for the people with disabilities?


    In English

    Road access for people with disabilities should be provided. There are several other programs that should be implemented for them as well: 1) Free college programs for friends with disabilities. The government should help friends with disabilities who have a great desire to study, especially those who have foreign language skills. The government should facilitate them to study even abroad. 2) Disability-friendly libraries. The government should pay attention to access and create a special corner for disabled friends. 3) Regular skills training programs for disabled friends and product/service distribution, also inviting influencers to help promote. 4) Periodic support programs for disabled friends who are unable to move, and updating the data regularly.

    In Balinese

    Yen akses jalan baang disabilitas ento seharusne suba wajib ada, nanging ene masih harus gaenang program nyata baang nyama disabilitas. 1 Program kuliah gratis baang nyama disabilitas, bantu nyama disabilitas ane dot masuk kuliah apabuin ngelah kemampuan bahasa lebih, fasilitasi ia nyen nawang nyidang masuk di luar negeri. 2 Perpustakaan ramah disabilitas, akses masukne penting, bila perlu ada pojok khusus netra misalne ada perpustakaan braille. 3 Program pelatihan ketrampilan rutin baang nyama disabilitas lan penyaluran produk jasane, undang influencer orin ngoopin masarin. 4 Program bantuan berkala baang nyama disabilitas ane tusing nyidang beraktivitas. Apang seken konyangan madata.

    In Indonesian

    Akses jalan untuk teman disabilitas sudah seharusnya disediakan, selain itu ada beberapa program yang harus diwujudkan bagi teman-teman disabilitas. 1) Program kuliah gratis untuk teman disabilitas, bantulah teman-teman disabilitas yang memiliki keinginan besar untuk berkuliah apalagi yang memiliki keahlian berbahasa asing, fasilitasi mereka agar dapat berkuliah di luar negeri. 2) Perpustakaan ramah disabilitas, perhatikan akses masuk, dan buatkan pojok khusus teman disabilitas. 3) Program pelatihan keterampilan rutin untuk teman disabilitas dan penyaluran produk/jasa, undang influencer untuk membantu mempromosikan. 4) Program bantuan berkala untuk teman disabilitas yang tidak dapat beraktivitas, dan perbaharui data secara berkala.