• egg
  • duck egg that has been treated by putting it into a kind of mud that contains ashes, salt, red cement and brick powder, vinegar, and, optionally, basa genep, after two weeks the egg is removed from the mud, washed, and boiled. Such an egg will keep longer than a fresh egg.
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Buka taluhe apit batu; magulikan abedik lakar belah.
Like an egg between two rocks, if it rolls a little it will be broken; same as the expression: ecaught between a rock and a hard place, referring to a difficult situation to which there is no apparent solution.

Ha ha, nggih suksma, Beli. Tiang lakar ngae be siap masisit sareng sambel matah lan taluh mabasa genep.
[example 1]
Ha ha, yes, thank you, Brother. I am about to make shredded chicken with Balinese raw chili sauce and egg with Balinese seasoning.

Om Swastiastu. Nyanggra rahina Saraswati dinane mangkin, titiang makarya canang raka ajengan madaging raka, taluh, penek, lan saur, jaja, sekar amatra, lan kukus arum.
[example 2]
Peace, Happy Saraswati day, I have a canang raka (medium offering) containing food of eggs, fruits, dried grated coconut, cakes, some flowers, and kukus arum incense.

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