• expensive
mael; maal; mahal; mahel
mael; larang
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Niki ten mael.
This is not expensive.

Genah tiange ring Jalan Seroja, gang Anggada nomer limolas. Ayu: Maal nika nggih ongkos taksine?
[example 1]
My place is at Seroja street, alley Anggada number fifteen. Ayu: Is the taxi's fare expensive?

Selem-seleman kopine ajinne mael.
[example 2]
Black coffee is very expensive. [proverb] Although black in color, considered to be bad in Bali, nevertheless the best coffee is black and is very expensive. Means that something bad looking on the outside may be very good on the inside.

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