• the work; his/her work (Noun)
  • suffix {ne} states ownership or clarifying the words followed. Almost the same as the particle 'the' or possessive pronoun in English. In the word 'gaene' it can be interpreted as 'the job ; his/her job'
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Sambilanga madaar ia ngenehang apa ane makada musti nguangin nganggon plastik. Yadiastun ia masih mapineh plastik ento liu kawigunane, umpamine anggon wadah bablanjan lan anggon wadah canang ri kala Purnama ka sekolah. Buina nganggon plastik liu ngaenang gaene elahan. Tusing perlu repot, disubane suud nganggon lantas entungang dogen ka tong sampahe. Kanti nasine telah, ia masih enu ngenehang unduke ento.
[example 1]
While she was eating, she thought of reasons why she should use less plastic … even though she thought that plastic had many uses, for example, as a bag for carrying shopping and as a container for taking offerings to school when there is a full moon. Furthermore, using plastic makes work easier. No fuss … after you have used it, you just throw it in the trash. She thought about such things all the way through her meal.