More beggars are seen in Bali today. How to employ and train them to get a better life? Post your comments here or propose a question.


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    In English

    A: Brother Mang, what are those people doing??

    B: That is called reforestation or replanting trees.

    A: Why do that?

    B: So we can protect and keep the enviroment. If we do good to nature, we'll live happily.

    In Balinese

    A: Bli Mang, Apa ane ke gaene anake to??

    B: To madan reboisasi utawi penanaman pohon kembali.

    A: Pang engken to

    B: Pang raga jak onyang ngidaang nyaga lan nglestariang alam. Yen raga baik jak alam, pasti hidup raga bagia.

    In Indonesian

    A: Kak Mang, Apa yang sedang dikerjakan orang itu??

    B: Itu namanya reboisasi atau penanaman pohon kembali.

    A: Itu biar bagaimana?

    B: Agar kita semua bisa menjaga dan melestarikan alam. Kalau kita baik pada alam, pasti hidup kita bahagia.