• small, shrubby tree, 4- 8 meters high, fibrous, wiry roots without nodules, dark trunk up to 14 cm. in diameter, used in medicine for TB, diarrhea, and dysentery, and as an astringent. Also used as firewood and to make smaller handicrafts.
  • (Leguminosae) sappanwood
tiang; titiang
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Panak cang ulung.
[example 1]
My unborn child fell out of my vagina.

Hi what's up. Kenken Kabare....

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Today we gonna learn "10 Basic Balinese Words". Let’s get started.

1. I : Tiang or Cang.

2. You : Ci or Ragane.

3. What's your name : Nyen adan ci.

4. My name is : Adan cang.

5. How are you : Kenken kabare.

6. I am fine : Cang becik-becik.

7. Where are you from : Uling dija ci.

8. I am from : Cang uling.

9. Thank you : Suksma.

10. You are welcome : Suksma mawali.

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