• one of the most important kinds of offerings, consisting of a bucket shaped basket (kakul or wakul) made of coconut or lontar leaves in which is placed a whole shaved coconut, uncooked rice, egg, decorative leaves (plawa), fruit, ingredients of the betel chew and other foods. The daksina represents the world and all of the foods available in it. The water of the world is in the coconut. The container of a daksina is called wakul. The terms wakul and kakul are used interchangeably in various localities.
Northern Form

Usage Examples

Daksina yana
[example 1]
Travel the sun to the south of the equator.

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In Balinese:   Dudonannyane taler kaisinin antuk ngapurwa daksina ping solas ngiterin pura.

In English:   Within the ceremony, there is a unique event called Siat Sampian, or War of Sampian.

In Indonesian:   Dalam rangkaian piodalan ini, ada satu upacara meriah yang bernama Siat Sampian, atau perang sampian.
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