• mask and costume representing a mythical, supernatural creature
  • the most common barong has a costume that is activated by two men, one behind the other, one manipulating the mask, the other the hind end. Barong Landung is a tall barong that consists of a mask attached to a framework that fits over the head and body of a single man. There are many different types of barong. If the word has no adjective indicateing type, it is usually assumed that the meaning is Barong Ket
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Sasolahan Barong pinaka pangelembar ring panyalonarangan, kasolahang olih mahasiswa UNHI - Universitas Hindu Indonesia, Denpasar.
[example 1]
The Barong Dance (performed) as an introduction to the Penyalonarangan* by students of UNHI - Hindu University of Indonesia in Denpasar. *Penyalonarangan is a classic Balinese theatrical dance featuring Calon Arang - a witch.

Angkabin barong somie.
Literally: Frightened by a straw baronge, means being afraid of something that is not dangerous. Kids sometimes make a barong of rice straw, somi, and play with it.

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