Mongah: Belajar Nilai Hidup dari Manusia Pakis

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Mongah: Belajar Nilai Hidup dari Manusia Pakis
Original language
  • Arya Wedhana Kubon
(P)978-623-6748-55-8; (E) 978-623-6748-56-5
Publication date
December 2020
  • Budaya
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              In Bunutin, a village on the edge of the Batur caldera, Kintamani, lives Mongah, the fern man. Every two years he dances wildly, becoming a manifestation of human arrogance. For a long time he served as a reminder to the Bunutin people not to repeat the same fatal mistakes that their ancestors had made in the past. Not many know where he came from. Every time he appeared and danced, the children were afraid and ran, but his presence was always eagerly awaited in the temple court. There, the elders prepare with their stories of the past being eroded at the edge of civilization. The cadets inherited his grace, and the mothers whispered to the children about Mongah's hideous faces. In the picturesque village of Bunutin, Mongah has guarded them from calamities for hundreds of years, —the greatest calamities born of human pride.