• joke a lot (literally talk east and west)
  • speak
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ia makeneh ngilangang sebetne aji ngorta ka pisaga, nanging buka matutuh nyemingkin buta sebetne nyayan nyangetang krana pisagane demen ngae pisuna.
[example 1]
She intends to alleviate her sadness by sharing it with her neighbor, but like an eye medicine make you blind, her sadness has doubled because her neighbor like to spread lies (said of someone who should not try to do something but does so anyway, making whatever he is doing worse than before).

Ia ngorta makatak wayah.
[example 2]
He talks like an old frog. (Proverb) ‘Wayah’ here means old, or hard, or rough skinned. An old frog is a toad. The word for toad is ‘dongkang’. A word that rhymes with ‘dongkang’ is ‘nongkang-nongkang’, meaning ‘jump and skip’. Thus a person is said to talk ‘nongkang-nongkang’ if he talks in a disconnected way, so that he cannot follow what he is saying.

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