More beggars are seen in Bali today. How to employ and train them to get a better life? Post your comments here or propose a question.

Peken Bali

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    In English

    A: Excuse, me. Where can I get some lawar here?

    B: Oh, just over there, the most delicious one is at the west part of the Bali market.

    A: Over there? Thank you, very much.

    B: Yes, there. anytime, brother!

    In Balinese

    A: Excuse me, Bli. Ring dija tiang dados numbas lawar, nggih?

    B: Oh drika, dauh peken Bali, sane paling jaen.

    A: Oh drika? Oo oh suksma, Bli

    B: Inggih drika, anytime, brother

    In Indonesian

    A: Permisi, Kak. Di mana saya bisa membeli lawar, ya?

    B: Oh di sana, di baratnya pasar Bali, yang paling enak.

    A: Oh di sana? Oo oh terima kasih, Kak!

    B: Iya di sana, kapanpun, Saudaraku!