• Lawar is a dish that typically contains raw blood, served at a mebat along with other ceremonial dishes. Unconnected to ceremony, lawar sold at warungs and markets is served with rice, containing cooked slivers of unripe fruit, such as papaya or jackfruit, plus cooked chicken meat and raw blood and spices.
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Malawar gerang.
Literally: Making lawar from gerang; i.e. to be filled with expectation; a pipe dream. This phrase puns on gerang, a small dried whole fish that is used to make sager; nyagerang means to expect.

Putra: Ada masih ajengan Indonesia, nggih? Komang: Wenten nika, ajengan sane madaging lawar, sate lilit mabasa Bali.
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Is there Indonesian cuisine as well? Komang: Yes of course, dishes with lawar and satay lilit with Balinese sauce.

Lawar ten cocok antuk vegetarian. But
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