• head of an animal
  • low class word to refer to head
  • pot bottom disk on potters' wheel
  • derogatory slang (prick head)
Unknown [edit]
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Goloh tendas, kelet ikuh.
[example 1]
His head fits too loosely, but his tail doesn’t fit. [proverb] Said of someone who promises to help a lot, but who really does work so that he himself can profit, i.e. one who does something because he needs something for himself, not because he wants to help others.

⚙ Automatically collected usage examples

In Balinese:   Di subane paek, encol Sang Lanjana mencegan di tendas Sang Muune, sambilange nyohcoh tendasne.

In English:  

In Indonesian:   Sangat tidak sopan kamu berbicara padaku.”
  1. F. Eiseman - PROVERBS, 1987