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Pura Resi

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Pura Resi
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              Information about place

              In English

              Pura Resi or Pura Kawitan Geria Resi is located in the village of Mundeh Kaba-Kaba, Tabanan. Mundeh Village was once the oldest area in Nyambu Village. Before the Kaba-Kaba kingdom, Mundeh was a part of Tanah Lot.

              In Balinese

              Pura Resi utawi Pura Kawitan Geria Resi magenah ring desa Mundeh Kaba-Kaba Tabanan. Sane riin, Mundeh inggih punika genah pinih wreda ring Desa Nyambu. Sadurung wenten keraton Kaba-Kaba, Mundeh dados wewidangan bebencahan saking Tanah Lot.

              In Indonesian

              Pura Resi atau Pura Kawitan Geria Resi terletak di desa Mundeh Kaba-Kaba Tabanan. Mundeh dulunya merupakan daerah tertua di Desa Nyambu. Sebelum ada kerajaan Kaba-Kaba, Mundeh merupakan wilayah pecahan Tanah Lot .