• the giving of something by a person of high caste or status to one of lower or equal caste or status
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

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In Balinese:   Raja Ubud mapica tegak marupa tanah majeng ring Blanco kaanggen nyujukang umah tur studionyané magenah ring campuhan, Ubud, nepek ring campuhan tukad.

In English:   His father settled in Manila during the Spanish - American War, where he attained prominence as a physician.

In Indonesian:   Ayahnya menetap di Manila selama perang Spanyol - Amerika, bertugas sebagai dokter.

In Balinese:   Nah, amonto bapa mituturin cening, dumadak Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa sweca mapica karahayuan tekening cening muah bapa”.

In English:   Minab Ida Sang Hyang Widhi tuara wikan nyisipang.

In Indonesian: