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Cultivating harmony between religious

Title (Indonesian)
Menumbuhkan rasa kerukunan umat beragama
Title (Balines)
Numbuhang Keadungan meagama
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      What can we do to maintain religious harmony?



      In English

      In cultivating harmony between religious communities, one of the ways that can be done is understanding the existence of other religions, respecting each existing religion, mutual tolerance between people of different religions, applying the principle of tolerance, strengthening brotherhood, and each having something. the problem deserves deliberation

      In Balinese

      Nyening iraga Sareng sami jagi ngelestariang meadungan meagama patut nyane irage Sareng sami ,mikukuhin pesawitrawaan menyama Braya , saling asah asih lan asuh peturu nyama Braya , toleransi paturu agama e sane melianan , Adung menyama Braya.

      In Indonesian

      Dalam menumbuhkan kerukunan antar umat beragama salah satu cara yang dapat di lakukan yaitu, memahami keberadaan agama-agama yang lain , menghormati setiap agama yang ada ,saling toleransi antar umat beragama yang berbeda ,Menerapkan prinsip tenggang rasa , mempererat tali persaudaraan ,Dan setiap mempunyai suatu permasalahan patut melaksanakan musyawarah