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Pura Tugu

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Pura Tugu
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              Information about place

              In English

              The name of the village of Tegal Tugu has something to do with the Tugu Temple in the upper reaches of the village. Tugu Temple is located east of the Tegal Tugu field. The name of the village of Tegal Tugu comes from the words Tegal and Tugu. Tegal means forest or pedestal while Tugu means temple.

              In Balinese

              Wastan Desa Tegal Tugu mapaiketan ring Pura ztugu ring huluning desa. Pura Tugu magenah ring sisi kangin lapangan Tegal Tugu. Wastan Desa Tegal Tugu mawit saaking kruna Tegal miwah Tugu. Tegal mateges wana utawi alas, Tugu mateges Candi.

              In Indonesian

              Nama Desa Tegal Tugu ada kaitannya dengan Pura Tugu di hulu desa. Pura Tugu berada di sebelah timur lapangan Tegal Tugu. Nama Desa Tegal Tugu berasal dari kata Tegal dan Tugu. Tegal artinya hutan atau alas sedangkan Tugu berarti Candi.