• pick: pluck with hands (not using a utensil), harvest by any appropriate means = pick, cut (fruit), gather (coconuts)
  • emphasis is upon picking bunch of fruit from tree rather than individual fruits, reap, pluck, harvest
  • cut coconuts with arit on end of long pole, juan, (except that the latter is usually referred to as ngangget (angget)
  • (vs. ngepuk = pull individual fruit from bunch)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Sekar: Nah, eh… manis sing salakne niki? Made: Mara mbok ngalap ne di abian.
[example 1]
Sekar: Okay, hey… is this snake fruit sweet? Made: I just picked this from my farm.

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In Balinese:   Disubane bungane pada kembang, I Grantang ngalap bungane ento tur adepa teken Men Bekung ka peken.

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In Indonesian:  
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