• trunk that part of any plant that is immediately below ground level, but above the roots
  • stump
  • butt
  • underground stem, or corm, of the banana plant located just below ground level, from which both the rhizomes and suckers grow
  • in former days this was occasionally used as a food when rice and other crops were not available, but seldom eaten now
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Raosne tusing nawang tuktuk bongkol awinan raosne tusing ngleganin awak sakewala setata ngaenang anak lenan gedeg.
[example 1]
He speaks without really knowing what it’s all about. That’s why his talks make me unhappy and anger other people (Doesn't know top part from bottom park, said about someone who is confusing other people).

  1. Fred Eiseman