• borrow
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Silih-silih kambingan barang tiang.
Literally:"the goat borrowed my things"; according to a story, long ago dogs had horns, but goats did not; the goat borrowed the dog's horns, but did not give them back; so this refers to someone's borrowing your possession and not returning it.

Pragat cacada dogen montor bebekne I Wayan ane suba tua teken krama banjare. Sakewala, yen suba perlu onyang nagih nyilih sakitan kenehne. Buka pait-paitan kopine, liu anake demen.
[example 1]
Wayan's motorcycle is always mocked by the people at banjar because it's very old. But, when they need it, all of them wants to use it. Like there's a proverb says, even coffee is bitter, many people love it.

  1. Fred Eiseman