• hasten, be in a hurry
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Luh Manik ngencolang pejalane di rurunge cenik ane srebi lan sepi. Suba sarumua, sing ada anak pati mejlawatan. Japi suba sesai liwat ditu, sing dadi tarwang jejeh masih atine. Petenge setata ngaba tarka ane tidong-tidong, apa buin tongos ane lakar ojoga sada serem...
[example 1]
Luh Manik began to walk faster in the alley which was empty and scary. It was evening and there was nobody around. Although she often passed this place, it was undeniable that fear took control of her feelings. Darkness always caused her to have uneasy feelings and especially so when the place that she was about to visit was rather creepy....

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