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    12 months ago
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    2 months ago
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    Menjilat apa bahasa bali halusnya?
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    In English

    Live in Bali but can't speak Balinese? What's the rest of the world going to say? Let's learn together...

    There is a great app to learn Balinese online now, Bro... Let's download it

    So you can teach me Balinese, Bro...

    In Balinese

    Ngoyong di Bali, tapi sing bisa mebasa Bali? Apa kata dunia? Mai melajah bareng...

    Ne jani ade apps basa Bali online ane canggih, Bli... Donlod naa

    Pang nyidaang ngajain iyang mebasa Bali, Bli...

    In Indonesian

    Tinggal di Bali, tapi tidak bisa berbahasa Bali? Apa kata dunia? Ayo belajar bersama...

    Sekarang ada apps Bahasa Bali online yang canggih, Kak... Unduh yaa

    Agar bisa mengajari saya berbahasa Bali, Kak...