Ketut Sidia

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Full Name
Ketut Sidia
Pen Name
Photograph by
courtesy of Agus Putu Pranayoga
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His name is Ketut Sidia, from Jero Lingsir family lineage of Tegeh Kuri clan. Born 1901 at Pengastulan village Buleleng Bali. He’s a well known Silat martial art teacher at Seririt district Buleleng. Some old villagers tales that he’s an excellent fighter. Able to jump to 3 meters wall, kill a mouse by throwing a sate skewers from 2 meters distance, able to kill people with just bare hand.

During Dutch colonialism, he become dutch driver to spy them with his son, Putu Mangku. They both is fluent speaking Dutch and Japanese language This is his photo with the dutch car as driver. His son's duty is passing crucial information to Balinese guerillas. Sometimes he also join the guerrillas to ambush the military convoy. But mostly he did some sabotage and silent assassination as spy. After Indonesia independence, he and his son become member of LVRI (Legiun Veteran Republik Indonesia).

Later on both of them then work as teachers at Sekolah Rakyat at Seririt district Buleleng and his son also work as photographer and journalist for Bali Post newspaper. During his old days, he become priest of Pura Pabean Pengastulan village. He passed away 1990 with military honor as member of LVRI.

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