• social dance in which a solo female dancer, accomepanied by a bungbung orchestra, selects men from the crowd of onlookers and dances with them in a provocative way
  • "Joged is a secular social dance which originated from an ancient danced called gandrung. Whilst gandrung was performed exclusively by a young solo male dancer, joged is danced by young women....The movements of joged are simple and slightly evocative, in the effort to encourage members of the audience to join in and out-dance her. Slightly evocative may be an understatement in some villages where sexy female dancers like gyrate their hips and bottoms à la dangdut dancers"
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Performance of Jogéd Bungbung Déwa accompanied by ngoncang bungbung during the Nangkluk Mrana ritual at Pura Beda, Tabanan.

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In Balinese:   Kakawian marupa puisi

Ganda Sari (1973, sareng Made Sanggra) Joged Bumbung (1975) Pantai (1978) Mara-mara (1994) Tiang (1995) Kalangen ring Batur SAB (Singgah di Bencingah Wayah) (2000) Puputan Badung (2000) Niti Titi Puttaparthi (2000) Suung Luung (2003) Tiang (2004) Yen (2004) Nyongkok di Bucu (2006) Kuuk (2006) Kabar-kabar Surat Kabar (2006) Swara Cakra Kurushetra (2006) Puisi ring majalah Canang Sari No. 24 minakadi Topeng Keras, Ada Sinar Galang, Setata Megonjakan ring Angin, Ampurayang Titiang dan Manahe Mabesikan (2006) Gerip Maurip Gridip Makedip Ngintip


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  1. This silent film was recorded by Colin McPhee circa 1933 and made available by the Bali 1928 project,