• the sugar cane plant is called tebu in Bali
  • it is grown almost everywhere in Bali, but only in small local plantings, used for offerings
  • no commercial production of white sugar is located in Bali, but there are huge plantations in East Java.
  • sugar, white, granulated cane sugar, as compared with the brown gula Bali or gula barak that is obtained from the sugar palm or coconut palm
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Usage Examples

Yoga: Apa ‘gen basanne? Ayu: Tabia, sera, tomat, kesuna, bawang, tabia gede, jae, cekuh, sera, uyah, teken gula.
[example 1]
Yoga: What are the ingredients? Ayu: Chili, shrimp paste, tomato, garlic, shallot, red hot chili, ginger, cutcherry, shrimp paste, salt, and sugar.

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In Balinese:   Paling tuara séla maunti gula bali.

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