• blind, very stupid (not just a little stupid)
  • ceremony for butakala and other negative influences
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

blind-our-eyes; small to medium size tree with pipe cleaner - like flowers that grows in the drier part of mangrove swamps and along rocky shores; tree exudes a very irritating latex that is said to cause blindness if it enters the eye; leaves are spirally arranged, elliptical, with sharp or shortly blunt points, up to 10 x 5 cm., but usually smaller; trees are dioecious, i.e. have either all male or all female flowers that occur in pale green catkin-like structures; used medicinally in parts of South-east Asia, but not in Bali

Nyelek peningalan anak buta.
[example 1]
PROVERB Beg from a poor person. Literally : Push in the eyes of a blind person.

Ia makeneh ngilangang sebetne aji ngorta ka pisaga, nanging buka matutuh nyemingkin buta sebetne nyayan nyangetang krana pisagane demen ngae pisuna.
[example 2]
She intends to alleviate her sadness by sharing it with her neighbor, but like an eye medicine make you blind, her sadness has doubled because her neighbor like to spread lies (said of someone who should not try to do something but does so anyway, making whatever he is doing worse than before).

Buta tumben kedat.
[example 3]
Open the eyes after being blind. [proverb] If someone who used to be blind can suddenly see, he is happy about the fact, and feels, and feels that he has discovered a whole new world. This is said about someone who used to be poor and is now rich. And it is said about someone who has only recently observed things that others have known all along. Such a person may tell all about what he has seen to those who have already seen the same thing many times themselves.

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