• salt
  • in Bali salt is made from the sea and may be somewhat bitter or gritty, depending upon the quality
  • it is almost always more coarse than the salt available in the West and may clump in Bali's humid climate
  • cloth
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ngentungan uyah ke pasih.
Literally: Like throwing salt into the sea; refers to giving money to someone who is already rich, or to telling something to someone who already knows about it.

Dadi masih goreng sambel matahe campurin aji sera. Eda ngengsap ngisinin uyah, Beli.
[example 1]
You could fry the sauce and then you add the shrimp paste. Don’t forget to add some salt, Brother.

Jukutne kuangan uyah.
[example 2]
These vegetables need more salt.

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In Balinese:   Di subané bersih mauyag aji uyah laut kadepinang selaé menit.

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