• bitter
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

"Pait-paitan kopi, liu anak demen"
Lliterally: "coffee is very bitter, but lots of people like it" meaning that something may be seemingly undesirable, but many people may want or like it

Tiang seneng sane pait.
I like the bitter ones.

"Kopi pait dogen, Luh, Beli gaenang. To di kenyem Iluhe, jemak gulane". Wuih, apa greget cie? Tawang ci greget cange? Apa? Dibi cang magending. Terus engken? Sing mabayah!
[example 1]
"Black coffee, dear, made one for me. Your smile will be its sugar". Wow … what’s up with you? You want to know what’s up with me? Yes … what? Yesterday … I sang. Yes … and …? I didn’t get paid!

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