• general name for a cooking pot
  • usually used to refer to a rice boiling pot, usually, but not necessarily, made of red clay and with a flared top
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Payuk teken tekep pasti taen ngrembiang
A pot with a top still sometimes makes a noise, refers to a peaceful family that still sometimes has arguments

Sabilang orahina masuk I Putu setata ngorahang sakit sirahne. Sakewala yening suba madaar nadak sara sakitne ilang buina terus nagih imbuh. Cara panglingsire ngorahang, gelem-geleman payuk, terus ia naar nasi.
[example 1]
Everytime we ask Putu to go to school, he always says that he's got a headache. However, his headache is suddenly gone whenever he eats and he even asks for more. Just like what our elderly said, no matter how broken a rice pot is, it would always eats rice (said to a person who pretends to be sick, but who still eats a lot).

Payuk perungpung misi brem.
[example 2]
PROVERB: A cracked clay pot is full of brem. This means that something may look bad on the outside, but it may be good on the inside.

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