• a person who steals
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Maling motore ane tangkepe ituni teken polisine ngorahang suba makelo dadi maling di Bali. Sakewala jelek nasibne, kenehne lakar ngamaling motor di muka pekene ada nak nepukin lan sahasa ngrejek. Ia kanti telah matatu. Tuah ja, dueg-duegan semale makecos, acepok ia pasti ulung.
[example 1]
The motorcycle burglar who was caught by the policemen said he had been a burglar in Bali for quite a long time. However, he had his bad luck, his intention was to steal a motorcycle in front of the market, but somebody saw and suddenly attacked him. He was badly injured. Well, no matter how good a squirrel jumps, he might fall off one day (meaning that nobody is perfect).

  1. Fred Eiseman