• each fruit has two seeds. Leaves used for rheumatism, headache, toothache, fever, stomach ache, ringworm.
  • porcupine plant Acanthaceae). Small woody plant up to about 1 m. high. Leaves spear shaped, tapering at both ends, 11 x 5 cm. Medium green. Flaccid petioles 2 cm. long, more like extensions of the leaf. Veins not very visible on top, visible on bottom. Widely spaced, interval about 2 cm. Underside of leaf paler than top. Spacing of leaves about 5 cm. Two to four thorns protrude at each leaf axil, sharp, thin, about 7 mm. long max. Bright yellow flowers in axial racemes. Five petals, oblong, each about 2cm. x 5 mm. Petals protrude from top of 2 cm. long thin yellow tube. Diam of flower when open about 3.5 cm. Stamens protrude from bottom of tube to a considerble distance out from top of flower, perhaps 1 - 1.5 cm. Filaments white. Fruit is compartmented, elliptical, hard, flat and thin, with hairs
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Northern Form
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