• coconut oil from copra
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Ring Bali, untengnyané krama désa akéh kantun makarya lengis tanusan. Carané ngaryanin, kakawitin ngempug nyuh, kalanturang nyeluh isiné. Salanturné isin nyuhé kakikih raris kabejek apang metu toyané. Toyan kelapa saking nyuh mabejek raris kapunpunin ring bungut paoné kantos ngerodok tur metu minyak-minyakné. Minyak punika raris kasalud genahang ring pangorengan. Risampun minyak kapunduhang nglantur goréng mangda lebeng, tatujonné minyaké nénten piing. Wusan punika, minyaké wadahin pucung, sayaga sampun anggén mareratengan.
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In Bali, especially in the villages, a lot of people still make coconut oil in the traditional way. The process is called nanusin. Firstly, the coconut is broken open to find the coconut meat. The coconut meat is ground and pressed to extract the liquid. This liquid is then boiled to extract the oil. The oil, which is still mixed with the water, is then separated from the water and placed in a wok and boiled so it doesn't smell rancid. Finally the oil is stored in a bottle and ready to use.

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