• spilled
  • spill a full container accidentally
  • usually means a sudden spilling over, as when something large is thrust into the full container
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Takut ngetel payuk makebios.
[example 1]
Afraid of the drip, spill everything. [proverb] If someone is carrying a container of a liquid and notices a small leak, he may worry that he will lose a little of the contents. So, he hurries to a place to fix the leak, and, in so doing, spills the entire container. This is said of a person who only wants to spend a little money, not a lot. But, he may have to end up paying a great deal at the end. For example, if a person bargains endlessly for an item and finally ends up paying just as much as the original asking price, this say is appropriate. This expression is also used to refer to a person who hesitates to buy something, and who then, for some reason, loses all of his money – more than the cost of that which he wanted to buy in the first place.

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