• Country mallow (Sida rhombifolia). Sidaguri plant is a plant that can grows almost in all tropical regions and can grow up to 2 meters with small branches. Sidaguri also can be activated as an antioxidant.
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
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Usage Examples

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Titiang mawasta kselegui, daging titiang tis, dados anggen tamba loloh rare wau matuwuh limang rahina. Akah titiang dados angge urap rare kacampur aji bawang ajak adas.

Bahasa Kawi:

Titiang mawastekselegui, dagingtitiang tisdados anggen tamba Ioloh rare waumatuwuh limang rahina. Akah titianggedados aaggeo oal, rarc ika, selid sanja, rabawangadas.
[example 1]
My name is Sidaguri, the content of the substance is cool and can be used as herbal medicine for new baby five days old. My roots can be used for the baby's vapors. My roots can be mixed with onion and fennel, used in the morning and evening.

Tuju: Bapan tiange sungkan tuju. Paman tiange nganikanin antuk don sidaguri dados angge tamba. Punika kaseduh, raris keinem sadurung ngajeng.
[example 2]
Gout: My father has gout. My uncle told my Father to drink Sidaguri leaves with warm water before eating some foods.

Sidaguri plant is a special plant because all parts of it, such as leaves, stems and roots can be used as medicine. This plant grows almost in all tropical regions and can grow up to 2 meters with small branches. Sidaguri contains flavonoids that can reduce the production of excess uric acid. Sidaguri also contains anti-inflammatory and is effectively useful as an anti-oxidant.

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