• general term for any of several beans, bean pods, peas or lentils that are commonly boiled and eaten as vegetables
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Kacang suba wayah.
Literally: "nuts are already old"; meaningless except that it is a sort of funny code for: "basang suba layah", meaning "my stomach is hungry."

Meme ngidih kacang teken tiang.
[example 1]
She requests nuts from me.

Boni: Lamun kenten, kacang manten icen tiang abungkus, nggih? Ayu: Oh nggih, suksma. Boni: Sareng-sareng, Mbok.
[example 2]
Boni: In that case, you can give me a bag of peanut, okay? Ayu: Oh sure, thank you. Boni: You are welcome, Sister.

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