• plumage
  • rounded hump; the rounded topof a duck's head formed by its feathers.
  • hair tuft or plume
  • cowlick
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ni Luh opaka teken gurune ento ngeranayang; ia majempong bebek.
[example 1]
Luh makes her father angry; that is why she was caused to jempong bebek. Jempong is the rounded hump. It also refers to the way people’s hair is normally tied. Majempong bebek means the rounded top of a duck’s head formed by its feathers. A plume or tuft of this sort is called ‘jambul’. This word is similar to the unrelated word ‘ngambul’(ambul), meaning to get mad and leave. So this is a kind of triple pun.

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