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  • soundly; very well (about sleep) en
  • orderly: neat (Adjective) en
  • kind of ketipat (food made from rice that is put into woven palm leaf buds, in the form of rectangular bags and so on, then boiled, eaten instead of rice) made with bamboo leaves instead of the usual coconut leaves (Noun) en
  • nyenyak id
  • jenis ketupat yang dibungkus dengan daun bambu dalu direbus. (Noun) id
  • rapi (Adjective) id
Alus sor
Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
Bali dataran dialect
Bali aga dialect

Usage Examples

1. Sabilang ulian Galungan, anake di Batungsel ngae entil.

2. Entil baana ngaba.

3. Entil pesan sirep rarene.
[example 1]
1. Every Ulian (4 days after) Galungan, the people in Batungsel Village make 'entil'.

2. The way he carried it was neat.

3. The baby sleeps very well.

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