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  • rice flour cakes (jaja) in shapes of people, animals, plants, etc., that are mad e as parts of offerings for ceremonies. Shapes are usually in the form of humans or animals in varieous poses and are made by pressing the dough much as one would use modeling clay. By extension, the term has come to be used for such jaja as begina, which, although not in the form of a figure, is, in fact, shaped by hand, and is perhaps influenced by true calcalan. Transitive form of the verb is nyacal or nyalcal. These cakes are often used to make up a sarad, such as at the large ceremonies at Pr. Besakih en
  • Singapadu is a village well known for its sarad offerings. en
  • Bahan kue (untuk upacara) yang siap digoreng id
  • nama jenis jajan yang terbuat dari adonan tepung beras dicampur kelapa parut. id
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Alus mider
Alus madya
Alus singgih
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Jani suba aluh, di peken suba liyu dagange ngadep cacalan
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