• thirsty (Adjective)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Buka bedake semberin; dengak; dengoke
Literally: Like a thirsty person at a well, his head pokes back and forth, refers to a man who loves a girl, but cannot get her because she is too remote from him.

Wenten ngadol toya botolan, nggih? Tiang bedak sajaan saking keliling-keliling negakin sepeda.
[example 1]
Do you sell bottled water? I am so thirsty from biking around the area.

Buka bedake suginin.
[example 2]
[proverb] Like someone who is thirsty washing his face. A person who is thirsty may lick his lips if he cannot drink water. Also, if someone licks his lips, he may smell good food. This latter is the sense in which this expression is used – licking lips when smelling good food.

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