Bale Angklung

  • angklung hall; a place to put various ceremonial equipment (Noun)
Bale Angklung
Bale Angklung
Bale Angklung
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Ritatkala Luh Ayu Manik miwah Putu Nita majalan nuju ka peken, ia ajaka dadua mareren akejep di malun bale angklunge. Ditu Luh Ayu Manik miwah Putu Nita nepukin ada truna-trunane ane ngentungang luu plastik liu sajan di tlabahe. Tusing ja luu plastik dogen ane kutanga, ditu ia masih nepukin truna-trunane ento ngentungang luu gabus sisan ngae ogoh-ogoh.
[example 1]
While Luh Ayu Manik and Putu Nita were walking towards the market, they stopped briefly in front of the bale angklung, the pavilion where the gamelan instruments are kept. There Luh Ayu Manik and Putu Nita saw several people from the youth group throw a lot of plastic waste into the river. But it was not only plastic waste. They also saw young men throwing away the leftover foam materials from making ogoh-ogoh.