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  • naked (Adjective)
  • to be honest or truthful (Adjective)
  • lacking in pretensions (Adjective)
  • without façade (Adjective)
  • to be decent, straightforward and reliable (Adjective)
  • plain (Adjective)
  • undecorated (Adjective)
  • bald (Adjective)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Penganggoné polos gati. Ia mula tusing demen mapanganggo ané renteb.
His clothes are very simple. He really doesn't like to dress lively.

⚙ Usage examples pulled from the Virtual Dictionary

In Balinese:   Sakémaon, malarapan antuk usap-usapan alus, dane prasida nebek ring unteng gambaran (subyek matter) sané kadartayang malarapan antuk indik sané banyol, polos tur dikenkene ngawinang kagiat.

In English:   Using this ability with traditional painting techniques, he processed ideas and themes that were modern or even contemporary on his canvases.

In Indonesian:   Dia tidak tertarik melukis hal-hal dekoratif yang biasa muncul dalam seni lukis tradisional.

In Balinese:   Rudi jaran ane tusing ngelah bulun awak luung, sakewala paningalane polos.

In English:  

In Indonesian: