• aroma and taste of foods that have been fried (magoreng), heated without oil (manyahnyah), roasted over an open fire (matunu), or baked in hot coals (matambus).
  • nutty or coconut flavor. Coconut oil and fried shallots are added to rice to make it "nyangluh"
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Basane makejang uleg malu nganti alus. Suud keto lantas goreng apang kanti mebo nyangluh.
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We have to pulverize the spices until smooth. After that, we fry it until we can smell the aroma.

Niki mawasta pandan arum, jagi campur tiang ring tepenge mangda nyangluh.
These are called 'pandan arum', I will mix them into the porridge to make it savory.

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