• grumble; mutter (Verb)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Ulian saktine, Luh Ayu Manik Mas nyidaang ngejuk malinge ento. Glalang-gliling malinge di margane. Jejeh ia sada ngidih pelih. Liu sajan kramane ane mabalih lan nyuryakin malinge ento sambilanga ngrimik. “Ulian solah jele ane kene suba ngranayang adan Baline usak!” Malinge ngejer ngetor ulian kaserung baan kramane lantas ulianga tas bulene ane mara palinga. Di tengah tas bulene ada magenepan luire handphone, laptop, dompet, miwah dokumen-dokumen ane penting. Malinge ento lantas sregepe teken polisine.
[example 1]
Because of her supernatural powers, Luh Ayu Manik Mas was able to overcome the bag snatcher. The thief rolled about on the road and, out of fear, he begged for forgiveness. Many people were watching and they yelled abuse and grumbled.

“Because of this kind of bad behaviour, the good name of Bali has been tarnished!”

The thief trembled with fear because he was surrounded by a mob. Then he handed over the tourist's bag that he had just stolen. In the bag there were many things, like a cell phone, laptop, wallet and other important documents. The thief was arrested by the police.