• sometimes found in cemeteries in association with punyan kepuh, to which, however, it is not related
  • often considered the dwelling places of spirits, so that offerings are made to the tree
  • tree (Sterculiaceae)
  • very large tree with large, flattened, oval shaped pods that contain oily round seeds
  • (compare kepuh)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Tiang mawasta Taru Kepah, don titiange panes, akah nyem, babakan anget, dados anggen tama rumpuh. Ambil titiang makasami ulig dekdekang ra pamor bubuk, yeh juuk lengis, raris urapin sakit ika rahina wengi.
I am the Bastard Poon tree (Sterculia foetida Linn.). My hot leaves, cool roots and hot bark can be used to treat paralysis. Take all parts of the plants and grind them until the mixture becomes smooth. Then mix together with calcium oxide and lime juice and apply topically (‘uwap’) to the affected part during the day and night.

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