• twenty-five days before Galungan, Saturday of Pawukon week no. 7, Wariga, which is Tumpek Uduh, a day on which offerings are made to coconut trees in order to prepare them for the use of their products in forthcoming Galungan offerings
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Aeng demitne, Mbok Made! Selae tali dogen, nah, Mbok Made, nah?
[example 1]
You’re so stingy! Twenty five thousand, okay?

I Aris mesatak kuang selae.
[example 2]
Literally: Aris is 200 minus 25.

200-25=175 = Lebak

Nyebak means to open the mouth, or say AAH, or, cry. So, if you are 200-25 you open the mouth, i.e. cry.

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In Balinese:   Barong Brutuk kasolahang olih taruna-taruna lanang matuwuh plakutus nyantos selae warsa, tur makadi pianak lanang paling kelih ring kulawargannyane.

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