• Apocynaceae, adenium. An ornamental tree not closely related to the other two types of frangipani and should not be confused with them
  • the pale pink to red trumpet-shaped flower is deeper than those of jepun Bali and jepun Jawa
  • not fragrant and not widely used for offerings
  • often planted as a decorative plant in and around hotels
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

I meme ngalap jepun.
My mother picks frangipani.

Titiang taru jepun. Daging anget, don ring engket taler anget, akah dumalada. Titiang dados anggen tamba sakit bangkiang. Ambil babakan titiange anggen odak, lan pamor bubuk, ulig raris urapang.
[example 1]
I am the Frangipani. My leaves and my sap are hot. My roots are medium. I can be used as a treatment for a sore back. Use my bark as an ointment ... grind it finely and apply it (to the back).

Niki mawasta Taru Jepun. Jepun puniki dados keanggen sarana upacara, lan bunganyane keanggon riasan.
I am the Frangipani. The Frangipani can be used in ceremonies and the flowers used as decoration.

Tiyang mawasta Taru Jepun. Babakan tiyang puniki dados keanggen tambe sakit pinggang. Babakan lan pamor bubuk puniki kecampur, keulig, lan dados kaolesan ring pinggang ipun.
I am the Frangipani. My bark can be used as a treatment for a sore back. Mix my bark with lime powder and grind the mixture until fine. Apply to the back.

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