• the motorcycle; the bike (Noun)
  • Suffix {e} states ownership or clarifies the words that are followed. Almost the same as the 'the' particle in English. The word 'montore' can be interpreted as 'the motorbike'
Montor punika
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Tusing makelo, ojek online teka. Luh Ayu Manik menek ka montor ojek online, Montore majalan adeng-adeng. Di jalane, ojeke matakon teken Luh Ayu Manik, apa suba seken alamat umahe ento? Luh Ayu Manik nyautin bawak, ngorahang beneh. Krana kuping Luh Ayune masengseng baan headset, tusing pati dingeha munyin anake di sisi, saget montore mareren di arepan Peken Anyare. Jalanne macet, krana ada turis ane kena jambret di sisin margane. Kaik-kaik bulene ento ngidih tulung.
[example 1]
Not long afterwards the online 'ojek' turned up and she got on the bike. The motor cycle was moving along slowly. The driver asked her if the address she gave him was correct and she replied briefly that it was. Because she had her headset on, she couldn’t hear clearly the voices of people around her and wasn’t aware that the bike she was on suddenly stopped in front of Peken Anyar. The road was clogged with traffic because a tourist had had their bag snatched on the side of the road. The tourist was calling out for help.